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*Excited vibrating* I've missed the cute pixel dragons ;w;

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Eastern Dragon Ancient Air Animated File

Experience: 298 / 513

Level: 116
Species: Eastern Dragon
Element: Air
Gender: Male
Date of Adoption: 2022-10-03 14:54:56
Date of Hatch: 2022-10-07 05:58:41
Aura: White Aura - 2701 / day
Resource: Dragon Fur - 1891 / day
Food Consumption: Dragon Food - 97 / day
Hunger: Completely full! (100%)

Description of the Dragon

The wise and benevolent ancients are very friendly and peaceful. Although still able to fly, they prefer not to do it so often now, preferring to leave the flying for the younger generation. The whiskers have grown yet again, and both genders now have a little white beard.

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