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Felidragon Teenager Earth Animated File

Experience: 27 / 203

Level: 43
Species: Felidragon
Element: Earth
Gender: Male
Date of Adoption: 2023-02-15 01:52:59
Date of Hatch: 2023-02-17 04:53:25
Aura: Green Aura - 379 / day
Resource: Dragon Fur - 266 / day
Food Consumption: Dragon Food - 42 / day

The teenager Felidragon is more serious, but can't resist acting like a child once in a while. The teenager is eager to become an adult, often trying to fly, but their wings still haven’t fully developed yet. The Felidragon is often angry because of this, and tends to be stubborn. They start to develop markings on their ears, and their general body structure is becoming more muscular. They are able to run very fast due to their muscular legs, and they use their flexible tail to stabilise themselves while running (watch out that they don’t swat you with that tail!).

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