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Animated Mini Icon Dark Dragon Egg

Dark Dragon Egg

Dark Dragon Egg Animated File

Experience: 32 / 33

Level: 3
Species: Dark Dragon
Element: Air
Gender: Unknown
Date of Adoption: 2023-03-15 07:39:28
Date of Hatch: Not hatched yet!
Aura: White Aura - 11 / day
Resource: Dragon Scales - 0 / day
Food Consumption: Dragon Food - 0 / day

The mysterious Dark Dragon is unlike any of the other dragons seen so far. To most, they appear to be arrogant, stubborn creatures, egocentric even. Most prefer to keep their distance due to their strange, dark appearance. But should one decide to befriend you, you'll find that they are just careful about whom they trust, once their trust is gained, you can begin to feel relaxed in their easygoing presence. Although confident in themselves, and their own abilities, they have a hard time finding others that understand them and their ways.

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