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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I signed up, but I haven't received a confirmation mail yet. Is this normal?

A: Yes. Since this is a test server, confirmation mails won't be sent.

Q: What are the different stages?

A: All dragons have six stages in total, which are as follows:

  • Before Level 5: Egg
  • Levels 5 ~ 19: Hatchling
  • Levels 20 ~ 39: Child
  • Levels 40 ~ 69: Teenager
  • Levels 70 ~ 109: Adult
  • Level 110 and beyond: Ancient

Q: How many dragons can I adopt?

A: You can adopt up to 8 dragons for free (as in, without paying Dragon Coins). Using Dragon Coins, you may adopt up to 16 dragons in total.

Q: When can I adopt another dragon?

A: Whenever your last dragon becomes a Teenager, you may adopt another dragon.

Q: Are Dragon Coins paid?

A: No, they can be obtained for free by playing the game. However, they are meant to be rare to come by, so it might take a while to obtain them.