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Mercury were my first dragon on the old site but there he was a fire dragon. Nico, Valerie and Uzi are inspired by Murder Drones on Youtube. I'll add another female from Murder Drones but she have to wait til Einar is a teen.

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Dark Dragon Ancient Air Animated File

Experience: 3 / 658

Level: 150
Species: Dark Dragon
Element: Air
Gender: Male
Date of Adoption: 2023-04-16 20:23:48
Date of Hatch: 2023-04-28 09:30:34
Aura: White Aura - 4510 / day
Resource: Dragon Scales - 3158 / day
Food Consumption: Dragon Food - 122 / day
Hunger: Completely full! (100%)

Description of the Dragon

The ancient Dark Dragon is the night time guardian. Gliding silently on their strong wings, they ride the night air currents, surveying the land for anything amiss. Their build is more slender these days, allowing their night time flights to be long without extra weight to slow them down. All the other dragons know they can sleep well, knowing that Dark Dragons' high pitched call will wake them if there is need. It is rare to see these dragons around though, since they soon disappear into the shadows once their night time duties have finished, leaving the others to their socializing.

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