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Dark Dragon Teenager Air Animated File

Experience: 71 / 199

Level: 42
Species: Dark Dragon
Element: Air
Gender: Male
Date of Adoption: 2024-05-23 07:32:45
Date of Hatch: 2024-05-25 04:58:32
Aura: White Aura - 362 / day
Resource: Dragon Scales - 254 / day
Food Consumption: Dragon Food - 41 / day
Hunger: Completely full! (100%)

Description of the Dragon

The serious Dark Dragon teenager can sometimes appear a bit arrogant at times, and have been known to be slightly egocentric. But those who actually know them will say that you do not get to see their true character until they get to know you properly. They are maturing in their looks, with the horns and head becoming longer, while the tail takes on more of a curl. Their mane and wing points have become very sharp, and their wings are now strong enough for short distance flights at night, when their eyes aren't blinded by the strong light of day.

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