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I was monkfishlover on the OG dragonadopters!!! My icon is a recolor I made of the official western dragon sprite https://web.archive.org/web/20120114204613/http://monkfishlover.dragonadopters.com/

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Wyvern Child Fire Animated File

Experience: 69 / 122

Level: 24
Species: Wyvern
Element: Fire
Gender: Female
Date of Adoption: 2023-04-04 04:08:50
Date of Hatch: 2023-04-06 22:19:04
Aura: Red Aura - 125 / day
Resource: Dragon Scales - 88 / day
Food Consumption: Dragon Food - 28 / day

The Wyvern child's wings are starting to become a bit stronger and less fragile looking. Small, sharp horns have started to grow on their backs. They love to play, tag being their favourite game. Any game activities they do participate in, they’ll always challenge the others to be the leader, and they’re stubborn if they don’t get their way! They can bit of a loner at times however; if not engaging in game activities they like to be on their own, preferring their own company.

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